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The vessel is probably best understood as a barge with three hydraulic legs to which are attached, at the bases, 12' by 24' pads.  The legs are lowered to the sea floor and used to lift the barge out of the water.  Unlike a barge or a barge with spuds, this boat when jacked-up is completely above sea level, and consequently not subject to movement by waves, wakes of passing boats, etc.

Because the liftboat is twin-screw self-propelled it requires no tugboat for positioning or relocation. (The vessel averages between 5.0 and 5.5 knots when underway)

The barge has a three-story house at one end.  The house has a large galley on the first floor and common room, berths, office, head, and shower on the second floor.  The third floor is a large pilothouse.  The superstructure is air conditioned and heated.

The remainder of the barge deck is open, except for a crane mounted on port side. The hydraulic pedestal crane has a 70' boom and is rated for 15 tons over the deck.  The free deck space is approximately 37' by 28'.  A HIAB knuckle crane may be mounted on stbd side near the bow.  Just port of the middle of the open deck is a drill hole -- a 12' diameter pipe through the hull.

Deck capacity is 40 tons.  The barge can be brought to the level of a dock or pier so trucks may drive on and off.